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The Closet Dilemma


If you live in San Francisco, you know that closet space comes at a premium. There aren’t very many and the ones that do exist are way too small.  On Broker’s Tour recently, I came upon a unique solution to this problem.  The owners of an Ashbury Heights condo which is on the market turned one of the bedrooms – a smaller one but still a bedroom – into a walk-in closet.  It was adjacent to the master bedroom. Although the owners use this as a two bedroom condo with a master suite which has a walk-in closet, the listing agent is showing it as a three bedroom condo.  He says that the shelves can be removed to put the closet back to its original condition as a bedroom.   This is smart since a three bedroom condo would normally be valued higher than a two bedroom condo of the same size.

The first photo shows how it is used; women’s dresses and suits are hung on the right and a tiny closet (the closet of the original bedroom) is hung with men’s suits.  To the inside at the left of this larger closet, which you can see in the subsequent photo, is shelving with more women’s clothing articles. These photos demonstrate another thing which I often run into when representing a couple who are looking to buy.  There is usually a disparity in who gets which closet space and often if the couple is a man and a woman, the man’s clothes get relegated to a closet in another room, outside of their bedroom. I’m often a little amused by this since in my home, my husband and I have an equal amount of closet space in our bedroom.  In fact, he has another large walk-in closet in his office which he uses which I do not have. I’m not sure what all of this means but I’m starting to think I need a bigger budget for clothing.;)

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