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So You Want to Buy a Two-Unit Building in SF?

Lately, I have had a number of people ask me about buying a two-unit building. For parents who have children they’d like to see return to San Francisco after college, buying a two-unit building gives them an investment that one day may be used by their children as a home.  Others would like to buy a two-unit building (as my ... Read More »

Don’t Let Your Real Estate Agent Represent the Other Side!

One thing that has troubled me since I became a real estate broker 15 years ago is when the same agent represents the buyer and seller in a transaction. This is called dual agency. Maybe it is because I am a lawyer that I feel so strongly about this but to me it is a clear conflict of interests. Everyone ... Read More »

Is the SF Market Cooling?

In the last two weeks, a substantial number of properties have come on the market. The Broker’s Tour outlines the properties agents can view on a given Tuesday in San Francisco. It literally doubled in its number of pages from about 14, which it has hovered around this past year, to 28 pages the second week of September! My buyers ... Read More »

So You Think That Offer is Non-Contingent!

In San Francisco these days, it is hard to prevail in a multiple offer situation unless a buyer writes a “non-contingent” offer – no financing, appraisal or inspection contingencies. And many people seem to think that if an offer is written like that, the buyer can’t get out of it if he gets cold feet and changes his mind. However, ... Read More »

Don’t Litigate (If You Can Help It)!

I recently represented separate sellers of two different modern condos, one built in 2004 and the other in 2007.  They each bought their condos within several years of each other in strong markets. They both just sold their units. One was a two bedroom condo in the Mission whose photograph appears above and one was a one bedroom view condo ... Read More »

And Then There’s The Dog Walk!

What your HOA dues pay for, as well as the amount, can vary tremendously. In a luxury building where there are a plethora of amenities, the dues will be higher but the amenities will be greater. One thing that is helpful to understand is the difference between an operating expense and a capital reserve. HOA dues will always include the ... Read More »

San Francisco Gets Even Wackier – Baaah, Here Comes Prop G!

  I’m from Pennsylvania and I am still adjusting to having to vote for propositions on the ballot. Personally, while it sounds like a good idea to give people the opportunity to put initiatives on the ballot that have a certain amount of support, I don’t think in reality it is such a good idea. As voters, we don’t have ... Read More »

Keeping Real Property Taxes Low!

A client of mine recently sold his beautiful home in Noe Valley. In the next year or so he would like to purchase another property. Since he just turned 55 this year, he is fortunate to have the opportunity to buy a property of lesser value within the next two years and transfer the original tax assessment of the property ... Read More »

A Home Seller’s Nightmare!

When buying a home, make sure your realtor goes over the preliminary title report with you. There could be unexpected surprises within! A home in the Richmond neighborhood which recently had a sale pending, did not close on time and almost did not close at all. The reason? The sellers had taken back a second mortgage from the prior owner ... Read More »

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