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Creating the Perfect Place Instead of Finding It

Creating the Perfect Place Instead of Finding It

It is not uncommon that first time buyers who are buying a home or condo want at least two bathrooms. This makes sense, especially when they are living with a partner or have people over often.  However, suppose they cannot afford to buy a property with two bathrooms, what can they do?

I had clients who were a nice couple who were determined to buy a property with two bathrooms but it soon became apparent that it was out of their price range since they wanted a view, too.  They made an offer on a condo in Corona Heights only to lose it to someone who went substantially over asking – a common story these days. In their frustration, they almost stopped looking.  But then I recalled a view condo they had seen which had everything they wanted except it had only one bathroom so they had passed on it.  It had actually gone off the market.

I called the listing agent and asked him if there was room for a second bathroom.  He told me that as a matter of fact, a contractor had been through the condo and thought that a bathroom could be installed in an area in the living room where a large built-in cabinet was located. I called my clients and suggested we go back and take a look.  Before we went back, I showed them a bathroom I had installed in a wide hallway in my condo.  Seeing my bathroom gave them an idea of how much space was needed for a full bath. We brought a contractor in who measured the space and who said that he could install a full bathroom there.  They made an offer on the condo and after they closed, they installed a beautiful modern full bath.  Now, they have the perfect place that they were looking for and they increased the value of their condo substantially by adding a second bath.  Being aware when you are looking at properties of the potential to add items you want that may not already be included is an important way to find a property that you can make your perfect home.

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