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Truth is Stranger than Fiction

They say truth is stranger than fiction and this is definitely true in the real estate world. A number of stories have come to my attention in this fascinating world.

There’s the one about the agent who held her listing open on a Sunday and had a casually dressed young man walk in, look around and head into the bathroom, where he closed the door. He was in there for awhile when the agent heard the shower running. Right, you guessed it, he decided to take a shower! The agent began banging on the door to get him out and eventually he came out, hair dripping wet. Trying out the shower is not an option for a prospective buyer! Although, I have a feeling he wasn’t one.

Or there’s the story about the listing agent who was getting his listing ready to open up on a Sunday and he discovered an unkempt bed, as if someone had been using the condo for their secret trysts. It was on lockbox so any agent with a Suprabox key had access. Hmmm, who was it?

Or there’s the story about the listing agent who came to the door of the beautiful home she was selling in her bathrobe – apparently, she needed a place to stay for awhile. Her listing had been vacated by her sellers and was perfectly staged so it was a nice place to live in for awhile.

These are just a few stories; I’ll keep you apprised on more as they happen.

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