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Getting Ready for the “Big One”

San Francisco Bay Area’s earthquakes last month – one a 3.5 just south of SF on October 5 and the other a 4.5 in Pleasant Hill on October 15 – literally woke everyone up again to the potential specter of the “Big One.” People are starting once more to pay attention to earthquake preparedness. I, for one, am having an engineer look at our two-unit condo building to determine if there is anything we need to do to make it seismically safer.  I’m also looking into the cost of earthquake insurance. What are you doing? 

Here are six tips from the California Academy of Sciences on what you can do to prepare: 1. Make a plan– Choose a meeting place and an out-of-area contact person to relay messages. 2. Secure your home – Retrofit weak spots, strap down heavy furniture and secure loose objects 3. Get a kit – Store supplies to get your family through at least the first three days after a quake. 4. Drop, cover and hold on – Drop down where you are and cover your head. If you’re near heavy furniture, take cover underneath and hold on tight. 5. Check for hazards – When the shaking stops, check for injuries and for damage to home electrical wires, gas lines, walls, floors and water pipes. 6. Stay connected – Get to know your neighbors now! For more information, go to:

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