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Just Sold a Home Full of Personal Love and Memories to My Client!

In April of 1990 before Noe Valley became “hot,” my husband and I fell in love with a sweet condo located on 25th Street, just down the hill from 24th Street’s popular shops and restaurants. To those in the north end of the city where we lived, Noe seemed “so far away,” which is laughable today.  I was wondering if my friends would ever visit.

Then the dotcom boom happened. Noe became very popular because of its accessibility to the tech hub of the Peninsula. It seemed like all my clients now wanted to buy in Noe Valley. We sold that condo in 1999.

Flash forward to earlier this year, a new buyer client, Alexis, started working with me to buy her first home. I met her parents too, and we all looked at a few properties together. Shortly after we started looking that first Noe condo I had bought came on the market! The carpeted floors that I had known had been replaced with attractive wood flooring, and the kitchen and bath had been tastefully renovated. The best part was that the flowering garden in the back was still there, nicely maintained.

When Alexis saw it I surprised her by telling her that I had lived there over 20 years ago and loved it. Even Joan,  one of the owners to whom I attribute the property being well maintained, still lived above. I could tell Alexis was excited, and I was excited too! 

However, it wasn’t at the price she and her parents wanted so a waiting game was played out over four weeks. When the property was still on the market with no offers, the seller reduced it $80,000 and added paid parking for 6 months. Now it looked more attractive and Alexis made her offer and went into contract.

The likelihood that I would sell the first condo my husband and I bought shortly after we married one day to a client seemed very unlikely. It is wonderful to know that a place I loved and called home is with a nice young woman who I am sure will make it her special place, too.

While I can’t help you buy that special condo, if you are looking for a place in the city, I’m happy to help!:)

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