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When Apps Are Out to Lunch!

I’m taking a break today from blogging about real estate and instead am going to blog about a popular new San Francisco app. However, first I want to share a picture of my favorite roof deck view this week on Broker’s Tour (pictured above). It is from the roof of a home at 2627 Steiner Street. It’s a nicely sheltered space with a heavenly view.

I just saw this article in the NYTimes about a new app called, “Down to Lunch.” According to the article, “The app … is shockingly old-fashioned: It’s all about meeting up with your friends in person. You send a message to some or all of your buddies saying that you have free time and are looking for company for a meal, a gym workout, even a church service. Whoever is interested responds and you arrange to meet.” Really? How about sending a text, an email or giving them a call? Do you really need an app to set up a meeting with your friends?

“By last week, Down to Lunch, also known as DTL, was the No. 1 free social networking app for the iPhone..” according to the article. One of the San Francisco founders told the NYTimes, “We know we can build something that improves the lives for every single person on the planet.” I would have thought this was a satirical article if I had not read it with my own eyes. Let me know what you think. Here is the link to the article for your reading pleasure:

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