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Is Great Customer Service Important to You?

Great customer service is something I am passionate about! I love taking someone through the process of listing their home or helping them find a property to buy in the city. And if a former client calls me up and needs anything at all, I am happy to help that client in any way I can.

Not everyone is so customer service-oriented. More than a week ago, I called someone at a roofing company so I could make an appointment for him to come out and take a look at my roof since I had experienced a leak inside my home. He said he’d call me back with a time. A week passed and no call. I called him a week later and left a voicemail. I received no call back. I called again and was told he was on the other line so I waited “on hold.” When he picked up the phone and I identified myself, he sounded put out but he made the appointment to see my roof. I could have called someone else but it was his company that installed the roof so that is why I called him.

I had a similar experience with getting trees around my home trimmed. I was able to make an appointment with someone from a company I had previously used. He came out to see the trees but did not send an estimate even after I followed up three times. But later, he put me on his mailing list which sent out marketing emails to me about what great service the company provides. Now that’s a disconnect! Does this ever happen to you?

I can’t imagine not returning a phone call or responding to an email. It’s in my DNA. Unless I am in an appointment, the phone call or email will be responded to within the hour. I enjoy working with people and taking them through what can be a stressful sales process and alleviating the stress as much as possible for my clients. I have had more than one seller who lived out of town who gave me the keys to handle the sale without coming back to San Francisco. I made sure contractors and stagers got the place ready, worked with the sellers online to prepare disclosures, showed the home often, and negotiated the sale and close. One client said in a testimonial, “She took all of the worry out of selling our home.” I love what I do and part of what I love is providing my clients with a high quality experience not only while I am representing them but also after the close of the sale. I am happy to refer my preferred list of service providers (unlike those mentioned above) who meet my high standards and have done a great job for me and for former clients.

If you or your friends want to enjoy a great customer service experience when selling or buying a home, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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