Saturday , 23 February 2019
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Come See A Perfect Urban Retreat This Weekend!

My new listing at Portside II in South Beach would make a sweet pied-à-terre or perfect urban retreat. It will be open this Saturday and Sunday from 2 to 4! Read More »

Buying a Home in Cuba

It’s complicated. I just came back from an amazing adventure in Cuba so I thought I’d pass on some of what I learned.  I went there with my husband on an educational cultural tour with City College of San Francisco.  Until the last few years, you could not buy a home in Cuba; however, you could swap homes with someone ... Read More »


When taking a sweet first time buyer couple out looking at properties a while back, the wife remarked to me that the process of buying wasn’t exactly like HGTV, which she watched a lot.  While the shows on this channel are entertaining, they certainly do not reflect reality.  For one thing, most buyers are looking at many more than three ... Read More »

The Seventeenth Offer is the Charm!

When walking through a condo on Broker’s Tour, I overheard a conversation with the listing agent and a frustrated buyer who happened to be walking through the property as well.  The buyer was complaining about the market, about how so many offers were cash offers and about how he had written several offers and hadn’t prevailed yet.  The listing agent ... Read More »

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