More Satisfied Buyers!

“With her 20 years of experience, attention to detail, and legal background, Carol is an excellent choice for your real estate needs, but the reason she stands out above all others is her character. Working through this process with Carol felt like we had an experienced teammate, and more importantly, a friend who always had our best interests in mind.” One of my favorite things is helping buyers get into their first home. My second favorite thing is when they

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Properties That Sell Between $1.4M and $1.5M in San Francisco!

These days, it is not unusual to have first time buyers who are approved up to $1.5M – these are buyers who will typically need at least $300,000 down to buy a property! No wonder San Francisco is considered such a hard market to get into. While almost anywhere else in the country this would buy you a mansion – not quite the case in San Francisco. What can between $1.4M and $1.5M buy you and where? I reviewed sales

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