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Why Invest in a Multi-Unit Building In SF When Investing In a Home May Make More Sense?

Recently, a client of mine asked me which is better to purchase as an investment property – a multi-unit building or a home. While they each have their pluses and minuses, buying a home as an investment property has a number of advantages over a multi-unit building. The biggest advantage is that rent increase limitations do not apply to many ... Read More »

SF Real Estate Profits Soar!

In early August, I wrote about what a great investment SF real estate is, which is no secret. I gave as examples three properties clients of mine were interested in and the profit I thought the sellers might receive based on my evaluation of what they might sell for. Now, all of their sales have just closed and I can ... Read More »

Investing in SF Real Estate

I recently saw three properties on Broker’s Tour in three different areas of the city – Duboce Triangle, Hayes Valley, and Russian Hill. All have offer dates this week. The interesting thing about these three properties was how much they have each appreciated, two of them in a relatively short period of time (less than 6 years) and one of ... Read More »

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