Is the SF Condo Market Picking Up – Again?

Last year when people asked me about the real estate market, I told them it was a great time to buy. You don’t often see a buyer’s market in San Francisco but last year was it. Condo prices were down, particularly in elevator buildings in South of Market, and homes, while holding their value, were not appreciating like they had in the past. Some people told me they would wait until next year as they thought the market would continue

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Why wait to sell in a hot market?

In a hot market, there are times when you probably should not sell. Recently, I did a listing presentation for a couple who owns a lovely two bedroom TIC unit near the Alamo Square area. For those who are not familiar with the term, TIC, it is a property that is held as Tenants In Common with other individuals. It is a form of group ownership. “In a TIC, the entire property is owned by the TIC group (the tenants

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