$250 Million Dollar Home Goes On the Market in Los Angeles!

In the era of Trump, we may start to see more $250 million dollar homes coming on the market to satisfy billionaires. But, who really needs a 38,000 square foot, 12 bedroom home which includes an “auto gallery” of 12 of the rarest, fastest cars in the world, including a 1936 Mercedes valued at $15 million? This home also has 130 “art installations” which include a chain saw and a giant Louis Vuitton syringe. And if that is not enough, there is a gravity pool with a 20 foot television, a four-lane bowling alley and a 40-reclining seat movie theatre. To top that, less than 10 miles away, a $500 million dollar home is under construction.  https://www.nytimes.com/2017/02/03/business/americas-most-expensive-house-times-two.html

Maybe I just prefer to live a simpler life but this seems a bit much to me.  If you are interested in buying it, just let me know.;)

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