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The Challenging SF Co-op Market!

This past year with interest rates shooting up to 8% at one point, and bad publicity for San Francisco about homelessness and crime, the real estate market slowed. This particularly affected the co-op market (often a second home market in SF, which has been particularly sensitive to the bad publicity). Most people are familiar with condos, which is ownership of a unit in a multi-family property that can include non-exclusive use of some other parts of the property. An owner

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Just Sold – Co-op in Building Glimpsed in Dark Passages with Bogart!

Luxury co-ops are a more challenging sell these days since many are second homes for people who live outside of the city or state. The co-op market has slowed a bit with the rise in interest rates and the bad press that SF has been recently getting resulting in some deciding not to buy their second homes here. See my discussion of co-ops in a previous blog. Fortunately, my recent co-op listing with my colleague, Joan Maze Miles, just sold,

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As The SF Luxury Co-op Market Slows, Make a Deal!

This month is co-op month for me with one luxury view co-op on the market now and a second coming on soon.  Co-ops, which are often but not always in luxury buildings, are different than condos. A  cooperative or co-op is a form of ownership in which an owner owns shares in a corporation which owns the building and signs a proprietary lease which gives them exclusive use of their unit. One of the big differences between a co-op and other

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Selling Bridge to Bridge Views of a Co-op!

LivingRooma scaled

For a list price of $11M, one expects a spectacular residence and in Russian Hill on the 16th floor of 1750 Taylor at #1601, that is exactly what you get! I represented the buyers of this amazing home. This is a co-op residence, which is different from a condo. Co-ops are not as common in San Francisco as they are in Manhattan, for example. As an owner of a co-op you own stock in a corporation that leases the unit exclusively

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