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The Challenging SF Co-op Market!

This past year with interest rates shooting up to 8% at one point, and bad publicity for San Francisco about homelessness and crime, the real estate market slowed. This particularly affected the co-op market (often a second home market in SF, which has been particularly sensitive to the bad publicity). Most people are familiar with condos, which is ownership of a unit in a multi-family property that can include non-exclusive use of some other parts of the property. An owner

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Russian Hill Splendor!

Let’s take a deep dive into the co-op market in Russian Hill. Before we do that though,  I can’t help but mention a co-op which Joan Maze Miles and I have on the market there, a beautiful gem built in 1915. (See my post that discusses co-ops). Known for breathtaking views and exceptional cuisine, Russian Hill sits on, well, a hill, with Pacific Heights and Cow Hollow to the west, North Beach and Telegraph Hill to the northeast, and Nob Hill to

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The Latest on Sales in the Marina!


When I first moved to San Francisco in 1987, I looked out at the Marina from the top of Fillmore Street in Pacific Heights. I was in awe of the pastel colors of the homes in this neighborhood overlooking the Bay. It could have been a Mediterranean fishing village. Chestnut Street at the time had a number of local shops but no chain stores. They were still to come. The place to go at night was “the Triangle,” which was

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The Latest on Sales in Posh Pacific Heights – 2017 Update!


Pacific Heights is the first neighborhood I lived in when I moved to San Francisco in 1987. As you can imagine, SF was very different then; it had more of a small town feel. My husband, who is from New York, used to sarcastically call it a “cow town.” I guess compared to Manhattan, it was back then, before it became the sophisticated city it is today. We felt lucky to snag an apartment in Pacific Heights with its proximity

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Glen Park Steps It Up!

Whitney Street in Glen Park

I have a soft spot in my heart for the neighborhood of Glen Park. According to Christopher P. Verplanck in his article entitled, “Glen Park – The Architecture and Social History,” “Glen Park remained wild throughout most of the nineteenth century. Glen Canyon, one of the most prominent geological features in the southern part of the city, was explored by the Spanish and Mexicans and prospected for gold by the Forty–Niners.” My husband and I lived there for a brief

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A Bit of a Change in Noe Valley


We are at a half-way point in 2016, and the market generally, and even in Noe Valley, started to change the beginning of this year compared to the last half of 2015. Looking back at the last six months at a hot neighborhood like Noe Valley and comparing the prior six months (June – December, 2015) confirms what agents have been saying generally about the market. In Noe, fewer homes and condos sold in the first six months of 2016

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Selling Time Slows But Prices Still Up In Lake Street District!


The Lake Street District is a popular SF neighborhood. Its borders are the Presidio on the north, 26th Street on the west, California on the south, and Arguello on the east. A client of mine who lives in this district usually refers to her home as being in the Richmond. However, the Lake Street District, named after the main street that runs through it, commands much higher prices than the Richmond due to its elegant Edwardians and large Victorians plus

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