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Does Your Car Fit In That Garage?

Here are a few things to pay attention to when looking at buying a place with parking: size of the space, tandem parking, and which spot comes with the unit. Have you ever seen what some people own as parking spaces in San Francisco – narrow garage spaces that barely fit a smart car? When buying a property, it is ... Read More »

No Lawyers Allowed!

On Broker’s Tour recently, an agent was walking out of a condo and turned to the listing agent and asked if there was anything unusual in the CC&Rs. The listing agent said that in fact there was something a little unique. “Lawyers are not allowed to live in this building.” While this may seem odd (and I, personally, do not ... Read More »

Watch Out For Those CC&Rs! When you buy a condominium, you become a member of an HOA (homeowner’s association). This association is governed by CC&Rs (Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions). These are rules and regulations that prescribe how the homeowner’s association operates and how the owners (and their tenants or guests) must act. They are legally enforceable by the HOA.It is ... Read More »

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