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Home Away from Home or Why I Love AirBnbs!

I love staying at Airbnbs and by now I have stayed at quite a few. Why? It  feels like having a second home in many different locations. My husband and I enjoy relaxing at someone else’s home or condo that often has beautiful views, a kitchen for us to cook some meals, and occasionally a hot tub to soak in. The photo is of the hot tub we relaxed in at our most recent Airbnb in Russian River.

From Oregon to Brooklyn

To name a few, we have stayed in Oregon outside of Eugene in a well appointed cabin; in Ojai in one of the units of a home that looked like the Taz Majal (sort of); and in Carmel in a unit with a view patio off of it that had a barbecue, fire pit, a swing, and a hot tub. I have only been disappointed once when we stayed in an apartment in Brooklyn that didn’t live up to its description. The key is to read the customer reviews carefully and look out for SuperHosts who are known for providing good service.

Watch the Cost

One thing I will warn about is to pay attention to the final cost; it is not the same as that which is advertised. By the time they add additional fees to the original price, it can cost more than you want to spend. For the most part, you get more for your money with an Airbnb than with a hotel, but not always. It also depends what you like. If staying in a hotel and enjoying the many services a hotel offers, an Airbnb may not be for you. But if you like to eat in occasionally and enjoy extras like a hot tub with a view while living more within a community than in a commercial center, an Airbnb might just be the place you want to spend your next vacation. Any questions? Please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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